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RTT® success stories

I was desperate for help and needed to change

To be honest I was sceptical and a little wary of the idea of hypnotherapy but I was also desperate for help and needed to change.

Ali was amazing, compassionate, and knowledgeable giving me both a good tool kit with cognitive and hypnotic therapy.

Change was immediate and life is a lot better.

Thanks Ali.


Ali's phone calls kept me accountable

I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by Ali's approach.

She is a good listener who takes notes, and then incorporates your own words into positive messages in the hypnotherapy.

This makes it more relatable, especially as she then sends you a recording of the session to listen to in between sessions with her.

The phone calls between sessions were a pleasant surprise - it was nice to be able to discuss my progress or otherwise towards various goals, plus it kept me accountable.

Ali is like a hypnotherapist and life coach combined; I was quite stuck and anxious when I first saw her, and her insights and suggestions have nudged me in the right direction so I'm on the right track again. 


I've just been offered an amazing job

After suffering from depression and anxiety for years, I recently got an additional diagnosis of ADHD.

I fell into a dark hole and was so depressed I couldn't get it of bed.

A family member recommended Ali and over the past 3 months, she has worked with me to overcome some deep-seeded insecurities which were causing destructive behaviours.

Because of her help, I've stopped binge drinking and vaping.

I'm no longer on my medication for depression, ADHD, or Fibromyalgia.

I am succeeding at university and achieving A+'s.

And the cherry on top is I have just been offered an amazing job, with a 6 figure salary, after thinking I would never have the motivation to work again.

I can't thank Ali enough and she's truly changed my life for the better.


Rapid and dramatic transformation

I am really glad I went through the RTT sessions with Ali.

In the first 2 months, I really would say the transformation was rapid and dramatic.

I work as a doctor at a busy hospital and was able to deal with stressful interactions/situations with much more clarity and calmness, and much less anxiety.

Ali is very supportive and checks in on you between sessions over the phone as much as you need, and particularly the week immediately after a session.

I would definitely recommend trying RTT with Ali to see if it helps.

Compared to more mainstream therapy it was also much more cost effective in the medium or long term.


I have found wellness

I believed I was living with childhood wounds that were affecting my adult life. Trust issues, anger, self doubt and many more. I wanted professional help.

Well, my treatment took a rather huge 180 turn when I made some huge life decisions and became single. Whilst this may seem negative, I believe that if I had not been made aware of my true inner unhappiness I never would have discovered self love and self worthiness.

From just one session I found out so much about myself and learnt things I never knew about me! The results are proven and I have found wellness.

I went on to complete the three sessions and It was so easy to open up to you Ali. You have such a calm presence. And I felt no judgement at all from you.

I have recommended you to so many people, close family as well as friends, as I was very impressed with the quick results!

CB, 34

I have so much self love for myself now

Ali, you came along when I needed you most... you taught me not only self worth, but also how to deal with what was happening inside of me and organised the chaos within.

I have so much self love for myself now … I am enough I can make boundaries and stick with them I make the best decisions for ME… the hurt I have been through is no longer living rent free in my head … I have clear thinking, better sleep and just feel free.

You have changed my life with the way you made me feel - relaxed and safe … You care and it’s a genuine care… I would recommend you 100 times over - you are worth every minute of the sessions … if you can organise me you can organise anyone.

JK, 53

I'm 2 months sober!

Hey Ali, It’s been a crazy couple months.  Since we last spoke, I made a big decision to move to Canada.

I’m currently in the process of finalising my plans and should be flying out end of June. I’m also 2 months sober!

It feels like huge weight has lifted and I’m positive about the future. The ability to accept the loss of my mum and let go of the grief I had be carrying around subsequently allowed me to break free of the 18 year old mindset I had unknowingly locked myself into and helped begin my sobriety journey. 

I would recommend you to anyone who has a particular core issue/trauma that they are looking to heal or perhaps feeling burdened in life but unsure why. Prior to our first contact, I had little understanding of RTT. It really is transformative in a way that I don’t believe can be achieved in the same timeframe as other more commonly known practices.

You have an amazing ability to tap into the root of the issue which meant that even after the first session, I walked out having felt like a significant weight and change in myself had taken place. You’re responsive and engaging and I felt very safe through the entire process. You constantly checked in after our sessions and provided incredible support throughout the entire process. 

Thank you SO much for all your help and being apart of my healing journey.


You made me feel listened to

I needed help with Trichotillomania and my self-esteem.

After three sessions I managed to stop pulling my hair, and I can see my hair has thickened up and is growing.

You made me feel comfortable, supported and listened to.

I appreciated the way you checked in with me to see how I was tracking.

Would 100% recommend you.

MP, 15

Astounding results

Ali used RTT® on me to solve some pretty major issues in my life.

The results have been astounding.

I feel more authentic, more confident and the pain is gone,  

Ali is the quintessential professional and I highly recommend her.

SC, 53

The biggest breakthrough was learning how powerful your mind actually is.

I found out about Ali when my partner reached out for me.

I had been struggling severely with Anxiety and waves of depression for a while. It was affecting my daily life, work and hobbies.

I felt like I was fighting a constant battle against my own mind with self-doubt and lack of confidence in almost everything I did. 

I cannot explain how much working with Ali helped me.

I have completely switched my mindset.  I have more self-confidence than I ever had, believe in myself and the things I am doing and my unnecessary stress/anxiety levels have disappeared. She helped me learn to flip my negative feelings and thoughts into positive ones. 

The biggest breakthrough I experienced whilst working with Ali was learning how powerful your mind actually is, and how to use it.

I was so caught up in my own thoughts and fixated on all the bad things that could go wrong in my life. I didn’t know I could easily change that once I put my mind to it. Your mind is your most powerful tool, you truly can do whatever you put it to.

I really enjoyed my time with Ali, she is the most genuine, uplifting and kind person. During our sessions I never really felt like I was at therapy, opening up and talking to her was so simple and calming. 

One thing I could not stop doing after my first session with Ali was smiling. I felt on top of the world.

I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their own issues. In fact, I already have… multiple times.

I have experienced such a great change in such a little space of time and I am so grateful to Ali for her help. I believe anyone would see huge improvement with her direction.

Not only did Ali help me overcome my emotional imbalances, but she has helped me achieve a happier life.

EG, 19

Holistic approach that doesn't just treat the symptoms

I initially started working with Ali to help me quit drinking and vaping.

Once those issues were out of the way we tackled much deeper issues of why I was doing those things in the first place.

I was really impressed by how Ali was able to help me access the real causes of my bad habits.  She has a very holistic approach that doesn’t just treat the symptoms.

I highly recommend doing the full three sessions as I found there were deeper issues that I hadn’t originally been aware of.

It was nice to feel like we’d covered all of the bases and set me up for a bright future.

Thanks Ali! 😊


I've gained my confidence back

I just wanted to flick you a text with a little update on me. I am still doing absolutely amazing 6 months later…

Everything in my life from my sport, work and hobbies to my relationship with partner, family and friends is all going good.

I have improved my sport heaps and I’m finally feeling proud of myself for my efforts and achievements - I’ve gained my confidence back.

My partner and I have just moved into our own house and have planned so many things for our future, he has become my best friend and partner in one and I am so grateful.

I won’t lie and say I don’t have my bad days, but I’ve learnt to calm myself and bring my mind back to centre point.

Whenever I feel myself drifting off to the negatives, I’m quick to pull back to the positives.

I really am so thankful for you helping me Ali, I’ve made it to my Happy 💜

EG, 19

You have certainly helped me with my challenges

I have loved working with you and listening to your calm voice.

It has made me realise that I have the ability within me to turn the problem on or off, and needed to recognise that.  The buck ultimately stops with me!

You have certainly helped me with my challenges and awareness of my actions (trichotillomania).

I love that you follow up the sessions with phone calls and support, and don’t just wave your clients off into the distance. 

JM, 38

One month smoke free

So I'm nearly one month smoke free, thanks to the lovely Ali.

Seriously recommend looking at Freedom Therapy services if you have any unresolved issues and don't want to spend years and thousands of dollars in traditional therapy.


I can honestly say that I don’t want to drink or vape anymore.

My actions now align with my knowledge on health and wellbeing.

I intellectually knew that these two habits weren’t good for my health, but I couldn’t use my skills to stop them.

I would say to myself, I want to not want to do this... but I still wanted to and I would have moments and just go all in with these health defeating habits.

After meeting with you twice, I can honestly say, I no longer WANT to do these things, so I don’t... It’s that simple.

I knew 100% that you would be there for me and the regular followup phone calls, checkins and text messages were enough to know that I had your support no matter what.


The follow up and support from you was amazing!

I hardly have anxiety anymore and I was able to get off my anti-anxiety medication.

I am much happier and I don't worry as much.

With your recordings you made for me, I listened to them every day for 21 days and it helped.

It took about three different recordings to fully get myself on track, but it was well worth it! 

The follow up and the support from you was amazing!

Thank you for all your help, Ali, I really appreciate all the support you gave me, and just knowing you are a phone call away if I need to talk.


I felt like a weight had been lifted

I recently had a RTT® session with lovely Ali.

I was a bit nervous before our session and had never been under hypnosis before and wasn't sure what to expect.

Ali put me at ease the minute I walked in.

She focused on my needs and stuck to my agenda for what I needed.

She was thorough and did a in depth consultation to have a better understanding of the things that were holding me back.

After the session I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and immediately felt better.

I was amazed how quickly something could be fixed!

I'm so impressed with this therapy and will be referring Ali to my clients, and anyone I know, if they need it.

She's warm and makes you feel very comfortable.

Thanks Ali


Only needed two sessions!

I was very muddled, not knowing why I kept doing the same destructive thing over and over again, bringing nothing but pain and shame.

I felt supported by your warmth and kindness and you helped me get to the root of why I was doing what I was doing, and how I didn't have to keep doing it.

I would recommend you to my friends.


Fibro pain is gone after one session!

I have had extremely painful bouts of fibromyalgia for years, which has never really gone away and I’ve tried everything including meds and other therapy.

Ali from Freedom Therapy offered to assist me with reducing my pain over a few sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy. She explained that as an auto-immune disease, the mental and physical connection was something she could work with.

I have had one session so far, and the pain is gone!

At the start of the session, my pain was a 9/10 in my lower back, toes and arms. After the session, I felt so much better, like a 2/10.

I listened to the personal audio Ali made for me during our session and 21 days later the pain has completely gone!

Investing in RTT® has been a life changer for me and I highly recommend Ali from Freedom Therapy. 

She was able to find the root cause of my pain and replace it with new and positive thoughts and beliefs, which has resulted in the fibromyalgia completely gone. I am totally blown away by how effective RTT® therapy is!  Can’t wait to tell my Doctor that I no longer have fibro!

Ali followed up with me regularly to make sure I was still pain free. She has offered to tweak the recording she made for me at any time I need, so I feel like the aftercare service she provides is second to none and that she really cares about my ongoing wellness.

I am so grateful to have found freedom from pain and my life is worth living again. I will continue to listen to the recording Ali made for me, as it also helps me sleep.

I still have some lifestyle changes to make as part of the treatment, but I feel I’m young and healthy again and not crippled by pain anymore.

DW, 52

No longer even close to Type-2 diabetes!

I had just been diagnosed as on the cusp of Type-2 diabetes, so really needed to do something about my lifelong struggle with weight.

I first came across RTT® through Ali @ Freedom Therapy.  She and I worked on my binge eating habits.  

I have tried every diet out there and failed every time.

Ali helped me work on the deep root cause of my eating and put together a plan and recording for me to use every day after the session. She said I would need more than one session, so we set a time for another session.

Before I even got to my next session with Ali, blood tests came back from my Doctor showing that I was no longer even close to Type-2 diabetes!

Wow, this was life changing for me.

I have continued to listen to my recording and follow a plan, albeit with a slight deviation from a second session as we worked on something else that had come up for me.

I’m ready to start on my eating habits again, and since listening to the eating recording Ali made for me, have already given away a box of chocolates somebody gave me in appreciation! I can’t believe I actually did that, just from listening to a recording!

I’m so looking forward to working with Ali again soon, but really wanted to share where I’m up to in my journey as it is amazing to have come so far, so quickly, with no yo-yo dieting, just my own emotions and behaviours uncovering what is stopping me from being thin.

I would highly recommend Ali for working with weight, emotions, childhood trauma and pain. The RTT® technique is absolutely amazing and Ali is so incredibly good at what she does.

Thanks so much Ali, you are one in a million and I’m so excited to continue this journey with you!

T, 34

Immeasurable growth

I am the type of woman that accepts her pain the best she can...

...but tries many, many different forms of therapies and treatments in a battle for a better quality of life.

Something I have been doing lately is another round of Hypnotherapy.

Ali is amazing. She goes so deep and persists at those old, negative, life changing memories until you personally discover the truth in your false beliefs you’ve had since you were a child.

When we are young we decide truths for ourselves based on wrong judgements made so young we do not know we are consciously making them.

Things like I am ugly, I am fat, I am not enough, I will never be enough, I am not smart, no one loves me, etc.  Harsh realities for a child that take up space in our brains for the rest of our lives. Things that are not true.

If you feel like it’s time to shift or cut those lies from your subconscious minds, I would go see Ali.

The growth is immeasurable and she is amazing.

(May 2022)

So grateful to Ali

​I have not had a migraine since I started doing work with Ali

I had a terrible flare up after I got Covid and the long Covid started setting in.

I can manage life with A LOT of pain, but migraines I cannot do.

I’m so grateful to Ali. She does work around so many different areas including pain management, eating disorders, addiction, trauma, self believed lies and so much more.

You are worth fighting for.

(June 2022)

"The other side of every fear is freedom."

Marilyn Ferguson