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Session information and forms

Success story

"Ali is amazing.

She goes so deep and persists at those old, negative, life changing memories until you personally discover the truth in your false beliefs you’ve had since you were a child."

Session Information

​RTT® mostly requires only one to three sessions, which can often represent a tremendous cost saving in comparison to traditional therapies.

Some of my clients have come to me after having been in therapy for years, others have given up as they can no longer afford to retain a counsellor or therapist privately every week.

The public system has a long waiting list, as documented in the media and in my own experience.

In early recovery in 2019, I was able to access six sessions for depression before a stand-down.  Three years later in 2022, this has halved.

Now a patient is provided three sessions of talk therapy, after which they have a three month stand down before receiving another three sessions.

RTT® has an end date.

Generally after three sessions a client has had a breakthrough and does not require any further sessions.

A total investment of less than $1,000 will be all a client or organisation will spend at a time.

Should a client present with a number of issues, generally there will be one underlying root cause to be resolved.

Where a client presents with totally different issues over a period of time, pricing would need to be discussed.

Compare this to traditional therapy at an hour per week for a year, at a cost of say $120 per session, that adds up to an annual bill of over $6,000.


"Freedom is the oxygen of the soul."

Moshe Dayan