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You can completely change your mind

RTT® is fast, outcome-driven and proven

Have you been eating your emotions to overcome depression, anxiety or weight challenges?

Or maybe, you’ve tried everything conventional and not achieved the peace and freedom you were hoping for?

There is another way – with RTT® by Ali Roestenburg at Freedom Therapy.

Why Ali, and why Freedom Therapy?

Hey, I’m Ali. And I know what it is like to feel trapped in my own life.

I have lived experience with conquering my own demons, a long history of helping others, AND I’ve seen first-hand the remarkable results RTT® can achieve.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a relatively new concept here in New Zealand, but it has been generating proven results for more than 30 years globally.

RTT® was created by English therapist, author and speaker Marisa Peer, and I’ve been personally trained by her and her expert team.

Freedom Therapy is one of the few providers of this revolutionary form of therapy in New Zealand.


RTT® - Rapid Transformational Therapy

~ Clinical Hypnotherapist
~ Certified RTT® Practitioner
~ Attained through RTT® School (UK, USA)

Mental Health and Addictions

~ Peer Employment Training
~ Intentional Peer Support Training
~ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Mental Health and Addiction Support)
~ Ongoing professional development training

Accreditations and Links

"Freedom doesn’t fall into your lap, it takes hard work."

Ali Roestenburg